About HDD.Cash
  • HDD.Cash is a new cryptocurrency based on the CPoC (Conditioned Proof of Capacity) and zk-SNARK protocol. HDD.Cash inherits the merit of existing cryptocurrencies while enabling the privacy transactions.

  • In the HDD.Cash network, the mining equipment is a simple hard disk. The main mining process requires the miner to search through hard disks for the specific hash and spend a small amount of computing power.

  • By adopting a storage-based consensus algorithm, miners no longer need to invest in the power-hungry and expensive equipment. CPoC allows everyone to mine through their hard disks at home. The optimized measures for hard disks allow a much lower retrieval cost. Compared to PoW algorithm, a capacity-based consensus is more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. For miners, hard disk mining is cheaper and quieter.

  • CPoC has solved the problem of incentive mechanism in the traditional PoC. Miners who participated in the later stage can still obtain considerable benefits, which can ensure the sustainable development of the system.

  • PoC mitigates the advantage of ASIC devices, which resolves the core centralization problems faced by the current mainstream consensus. The ability to withstand ASIC allows ordinary storage devices (e.g., personal PC's hard disks) to participate equally in the network, obtain corresponding benefits, and reduce the threshold for the ordinary participants, which is in line with the ideology behind decentralization.

  • Compared with the existing CPoC scheme (such as BHD, LHD), HDD.Cash has added the zk- SNARK protocol, which can support private transactions while preserving the existing transaction model. Users can choose to initiate private transactions in order to ensure the validity of the transaction through zero-knowledge proof, under the circumstance of not exposing any private information of the transaction (including sender‘s address, receiver’s address, amount, etc.). By providing privacy, HDD.Cash is poised to support more application scenarios.

Technical Framework
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

9% 90,000,000

Mined with staking at very low cost.

Mining 91% 910,000,000
Block Production 5 minutes
Initial Block Size 2200 HDD / Block, 4MB block size
Halving Cycle 2 years on average
Dynamic CPoC

150 HDD / 1T capacity. The HDD requirement lowers as the network grows.

Starting with full staking at 150 HDD, each month the requirement will reduce by 1.5% of the HDD condition of that month, until it reaches 15HDD/T.

Note: The 1T here is a variable as function of the block production and total computing power. When the miners have no staking, they will get 5% reward. When it is fully staked, miners will receive 100% reward.


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